finola delamere's studio pottery
finola delamere's studio pottery

Hi, I'm finola delamere, a studio potter. I throw pots on the wheel and I also handbuild ceramics...


My gallery is attached to my workshop in Croxton Kerrial in rural Leicestershire where my work is permanently exhibited.


All my work is impressed with a 'FIN' stamp when the clay is soft.


You are welcome to call in anytime as I don't have set opening hours.


Work continues on my new studio -it's not finished yet but I am in and working!


This is the of my new studio from the outside. As you can see below progress has been made on the inside

The walls are now insulated and painted and my potters' wheel, the  kiln and spray booth are installed.


This is the view from my studio - the plan is to plant a garden here

These flowers decorate the front of the house -I have plans to decorate the outside of the pottery studio too

This handbuilt piece was inspired by the pumpkins I'm growing in my vegetable patch


These are thrown functional pieces colourfully decorated on to a maiolica glaze





finola delamere's studio pottery


The Pottery, Saltby Road
Croxton Kerrial


NG32 1QG


Contact me

01476 870744

07800 778382

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