finola delamere's studio pottery
finola delamere's studio pottery

I love exploring all the possibilities clay has to offer....

....and take inspiration from my environment: from big skies to the reflections of venetian blinds. I am particularly drawn to using shape and texture to convey movement -be it the movement in big Lincolnshire skies, the plants growing on the land or the ceaseless movement of the ducks and hens- they all fire my imagination.


I make my ceramics in the maiolica tradition and apply colour by brushstroke on to the unfired tin glaze, to both wheel thrown & handbuilt work

A bulb of fennel that I grew inthe garden



The pond frozen in winter

The delicate seed head of a Chinese lantern




finola delamere's studio pottery


The Pottery, Saltby Road
Croxton Kerrial


NG32 1QG


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07800 778382

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